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Injections and Vaccination

At Hearn’s Westview Phamacy, our pharmacists are professionally trained to inject Shingles vaccines, Flu vaccines, Depo-Provera injections, etc as a service to our patients. Connect with a Hearn’s Westview Pharmacy pharmacist and leave your medical care to us.

Medication Reviews

Medication Reviews ensure we have the latest information related to your medical conditions, medications, and lab work so that we can assist you better. Your pharmacist will meet you one-on-one to assess and provide recommendations to you and your medical practitioner. Book a consultation with a trusted Hearn’s Westview Pharmacy pharmacist and rest assured, you’re in good hands.

Compression Stockings

We have professional stocking fitters on staff who assist you with personalized stockings. We provide Sigvaris brand stockings. For the most accurate fitting, it is best to come in when we are open at 9 am. 

Compliance Packing

Let’s kick out the stress of managing your daily medication regime and leave it to us. We offer monthly compliance packaging to help you with your daily medication regime. This ensures you never miss a dose and avoids medication errors. We offer our services to everyone with no age restrictions. Call us and get compliance packing services for your medical prescriptions at no additional cost. 

Hospital Discharges

We are conveniently located across from the Yorkton Regional Hospital and are open late on weekdays. Our team of certified pharmacists explain all changes to your medication, address your questions, and notify you of possible side effects to make a smooth transition from the hospital to your home after discharge.

Minor Ailment Prescribing

A few of the minor ailments prescribed are mentioned below: 

  • Allergic Rhinitis 
  • Acne, Mild
  • Cold Sore 
  • Atopic Dermatitis 
  • Conjunctivitis: allergic and bacteria 
  • Diaper Dermatitis: Candidal and Irritant 
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • And many more

Call us to enquire if there’s anything you need that we haven’t mentioned on the list.

Your One-Stop Solution

Manage and refill prescriptions, get health advice from certified pharmacists, view store hours and contact information, and do much more in one place.

Health Is The Real Wealth.

At Hearn’s Westview pharmacy, we offer you all kinds of medical prescriptions and healthcare products and services. We offer you consultation with our certified healthcare professionals about your medical concerns and daily medication regime. Our trained pharmacists and certified doctors are always happy to assist you and advise you on how to optimize your health with tested best practices. 


The PharmaConnect App

You can download the PharmaChoice app from our website and Google Play Store. You can easily manage and refill all your medical prescriptions in one place. We also deliver medicines to your doorsteps. All you need to do is upload your prescription on the app, and let us know when you need a medicine. 

Get in touch with us and allow us to help you in the best way possible.

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