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Come Where Patients Feel Like Family

At Hearn’s Westview Pharmacy, we offer a variety of specialized products and outstanding pharmacy services to help with your unique health needs. Our customers’ health and well-being is our #1 priority.

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Our Story

We are a locally owned, independent pharmacy serving the community of Yorkton and surrounding area since 1968. Our main focus has always been customer service, satisfaction, and safety. We set ourselves apart from others by offering more personalized care for our customers when reviewing prescriptions, OTC medications, minor ailments, insurance, and any other related requests they may have. We serve a variety of people with varying needs and have become a leader in ostomy supply, bracings, air-casts, and medical supplies in Yorkton.

What patients are saying.

D Smith
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I changed pharmacies and l can not believe the difference in service! This friendly place actually cares about its clients and has enough staff working. Service is 10+! Hours are great too.
Cassidy Newell
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10/10 would recommend Hearn’s for all of your pharmacy needs! The store is clean and the staff are friendly and knowledgeable. An added bonus is they have THE CUTEST baby boutique section full of adorable infant/toddler clothing and accessories! Definitely worth checking out!
JL Kautz
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We decided to make Hearn's our regular pharmacy, even though it is on the other side of town from us, because the team there is so very helpful and kind. They seem to really care about us. They are professional and compassionate.
laurie reetz
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Is the best place to go and prices is reasonable. They are very good at helping out and they are friendly and loyalty.
Dianne Sokulski
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Awesome pharmacy with great staff and service!!!!
B AsILayDying M
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Love the atmosphere & the staff is pretty awesome too! Keep it up Hearn's!
Erin Graas
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Very personable staff who are always ready to help and answer questions.
Suzy Switzer
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Obviously the accuracy of our prescriptions and fast refills.... but the thing that sets Hearns apart from the rest is the connections staff have with their customers! I love when they ask things like how my kids are and what they are up to now because they've all seen them grow up from babies to adults. Feeling like a valued customer and part of a "family" is SO important when there seems to be so much divide in our world today. Geraldine Lesley Sage Best Pharmacy in Yorkton, great staff and always there for their clientele
B AsILayDying M
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Love the atmosphere & the staff is pretty awesome too! Keep it up Hearn's!
Our Services

Patient-Centered Pharmacy Care Since 1968

Hearn’s Westview Pharmacy has an indigenous multi-disciplinary team of certified doctors, pharmacists, intravenous infusion specialists, qualified doctors, and trained staff to help you with your medical needs.

Minor Ailment Prescribing

We provide over-the-counter prescriptions for all kinds of minor ailments as well as self-care medication to help you stay healthy.

Injections and Vaccinations

We provide Flu vaccine shots, Shingles vaccine, and Depo-Provera injections, and also advice for general vaccinations to optimize your health and wellness.

Medication Reviews

We ensure we have the latest information related to your medication, lab work, and medical conditions, so that our pharmacists can assist you one-on-one much better.

Compression Stockings

We have several certified stocking fitters on staff. We provide Sigvaris brand stockings. It is best to come in to get measured when we open at 9 am.

Compliance Packing

We offer monthly compliance packaging to meet your medication regime at no additional cost. This helps prevent medication errors as well as missed doses.

Hospital Discharges

Pharmacists will explain the changes to your medication regime, possible side effects, and address your queries to make a smooth transition from the hospital to your home.

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The PharmaConnect App

You can download the PharmaChoice app from our website and Google Play Store. You can easily manage and refill all your medical prescriptions in one place. We also deliver medicines to your doorsteps. All you need to do is upload your prescription on the app, and let us know when you need a medicine.